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KSB Professional Window Tint Tools for tint pros 

Window film tools are crucial for tint installers for Professional Results: Using the right tools ensures that the window tint is installed correctly and professionally. Proper tools help achieve smooth and uniform application, minimizing the risk of wrinkles, bubbles, or creases.

Specialized tools make the tint installation process more efficient and streamlined. They allow installers to work faster and more effectively, reducing installation time and labor costs.

squeegees, and cutting blades enable installers to measure, cut, and trim the window film accurately to fit the window dimensions precisely. This ensures a perfect fit and finish with clean edges. Window film tools help prevent damage to the window tint and the underlying glass surface during installation. For example, heat guns and slip solutions help activate the adhesive without overheating or distorting the film, while soft squeegees and lint-free cloths prevent scratches and abrasions. Window film tools come in various shapes, sizes, and materials to suit different installation techniques and preferences. Installers can choose the right tools for the job based on the type of film, the size of the windows, and other factors.

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Window film tools are specialized equipment and accessories used by professionals and DIY enthusiasts for the installation, removal, and maintenance of window films. Here are the most frequently used tools-Squeegees, Heat Guns, Tinting Razors and Blades, Spray Bottles, Slip Solution and film glue remover, Scraper Tools, Tape and Masking Film, Trim Tools, microfiber towels and so on.

    Name: Power Squeegee

    Coding: 331533

    Packing: 100Pcs/Box

    Name: Blade

    Coding: 201070

    Packing: 10片/小盒 600盒/件

    Name: SDI 30 degree 3006C 9mm Knife

    Coding: SDI-3006C

    Packing: 12Pcs/Box

    Name: Side Swiper complete

    Coding: 331590

    Packing: 100Pcs/Box件

    Name: Unger Pro Squeegee Blades


    Packing: 20Pcs/Bag

    Name: Scrubber Paddle

    Coding: 331560

    Packing: 20Pcs/Box

    Model: 461

    Name: 红色磁铁黑色绒布刮

    Coding: 201051

    Packing: 80个/盒 480个/件

    Name: Seven piece set with magnetic trimming


    Packing: One Set

    Model: 608

    Name: 粉色大号刮65

    Coding: 201471

    Packing: 80个/盒

    Name: Double-sided cashmere scraper

    Coding: 331601

    Packing: 50Pcs/Box

    Name: Contour

    Coding: 331586

    Packing: 200Pcs/Bag

    Name: 68x160cm Microfiber Towel

    Coding: 331636

    Packing: 20Pcs/Bag

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