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Do not wait, add PPF to your tint shop!

Car owners are always looking for ways to protect their drive to keep it look new, from car waxing, ceramic coating, car covers, and so on. Among the many available options to car paint protection, PPF- paint protection film, seems to be the best choice. And PPF is getting more and more popular in the car fans community and it is becoming a cash cow for many window tint shops.

Facts about paint protection film

Paint protection film is a thin transparent usually made of thermoplastic polyurethane Elastomer. PPF comes with a coating layer to protect the base film from aging, turning yellow, or cracking. TPU is a great material for paint protection film. The outstanding features such as optical clarity, resistance to yellowing, impact resistance and the stretchability and ability to return to initial form. Additionally, materials are blended with colors to make wrap TPU film, combing style and functionality.

Three key materials for PPF:

  1. Pressure sensitive adhesives keep the film bond to the paint surface for a long period of service life without bubbling or peeling off.
  2. A TPU base film that absorbs the scratches, impact and wear.
  3. Nano fusion topcoat that enables the features like hydrophobic or keep the film shine and look new over time. This topcoat also helps with the self-healing and makes the car easy to clean.

Offering PPF install service for tint shops and bring in more segments of clients, such as the high-end vehicles, recreational vehicles, or special utility vehicles. The classic, exotics, high end car owners are more than ready to have the budget for PPF to have their prized drive protected by paint protection film. Since the original paint is normally very costly to maintain or repair. Vehicles with PPF not only keep the shining look longer, but it also keeps the value of the vehicle over time, so it depreciates less than the vehicles not installed with PPF. Auto dealers are willing to include PPF film in their offerings, for the benefits of more cross sell and up sell chances for their existing client base and generate more sales and profits.

Time to offer PPF for tint shops

It would be a surprise that tint shops of today that do not offer paint protection film. If you want to start offering paint protection film for your tint shop, you can start talking to different paint protection film suppliers and asking for prices and sample offers, or even consider buying PPF film from overseas like China. China is home to many paints’ protection and window film factory.

KSB films offer a variety of paint protection at different thickness and base material, the best selling one is a 7.5 mil, about 0.2mm/ 0.0075 inch, made of Lubrizol TPU. KSB also offers a series of paint protection film sales materials to showcase the PPF self-healing and hydrophobic properties.

To import paint protection film from overseas requires some basic knowledge and skills, such as knowing how to find a reputable window tint or paint protection film supplier, and how to manage the international shipping and customs clearances if needed. It seems complicated but rest assured, KSB films can do it for you and guide you each step for smooth transactions.

The car communities are well familiar with the PPF and already know the benefits of the product and would not ask lots of entry level product educations. So, the sales tools would demonstrate the benefits of the film and help them make the buying decision. 

Where can I buy PPF without a dealer account?

Most Big PPF brands have strict territory protection and dealer account rules, if you are starting with PPF and want something to train your skills before you install the expensive materials, you can use KSB TPU PPF, which is equally as good and durable. The orders can be fulfilled with flexibility and there is no set up fees or minimum order quantity. It would be nice way to save some cost.

Paint protection film, ceramic film, windshield protection film are all available with KSB films. Besides the clear PPF, KSB films also have a colored TPU wrap films, as well as Matte and Black color. The newer products can help tint shops to be able to cater to more demanding clients. And TPU wrap films have proved its superiority over the traditional vinyl wrap film. All these new items are opening up new windows of opportunity for tint shops to attract different segment of clients and entry level luxury vehicle owners for more revenue and sales.


Importing paint protection products may be more cost-effective due to lower manufacturing costs, labor costs, or tax incentives. This can potentially result in lower prices for consumers or higher profit margins for businesses. Some countries may specialize in producing high-quality or specialized paint protection products that may not be readily available domestically. Importing allows access to a wider range of options and innovations in the market, such as the colored TPU wrap film that can function as a paint protection film, and at the same time as a wrap film. Importing unique or exclusive paint protection products from overseas can help businesses differentiate themselves in the market and attract customers who are looking for something different or superior to locally available options.

For tint businesses, importing paint protection products from overseas can open up opportunities to expand into new markets by offering products that are not available locally, thus potentially increasing sales and revenue.

However, it’s important to consider potential challenges such as shipping costs, import tariffs, customs regulations, and longer lead times when importing from overseas. Conducting thorough market research and due diligence before importing is essential to ensure a successful venture.

If you want to import PPF from overseas and take your tint shop to the next level? make sure you talk to KSB films for details and prices. PPF can elevate customer satisfaction and drive profitability. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to expand your offerings and attract more clients. Reach out now for exclusive details and competitive pricing!