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KSB 4mil, 8mil, 12mil security and safety Window Tint Film with high heat rejection Warranty No Haze

KSB Security Window is an effective and affordable solution for enhancing the safety, security, and comfort of homes, businesses, and vehicles, providing peace of mind for occupants and protecting valuable assets against various threats and hazards.

Security window film is a type of specialized window film designed to enhance the safety and security of windows in residential, commercial, and automotive applications. Unlike standard window films that primarily focus on solar control or privacy, security window film is engineered to provide additional protection against forced entry, impact, and shattering. Here are some key features and benefits of security window film:

  • Reinforced Strength
  • Impact Resistance
  • Burglary Deterrence
  • Smash and Grab Protection
  • UV Protection
  • Enhanced Privacy
  • Customization

*Measures with Solar Spectrum Transmission Meter


ModelVLTUVIRColorFilm LayerThickness
KSB08955%99%95%Super Dark Black2PLY SRC4MIL
KSB189515%99%95% Dark Black2PLY SRC4MIL
KSB359525%99%95% Black2PLY SRC4MIL
KSB709535%99%95% L Blue2PLY SRC4MIL
SCF02055%99%50%Super Dark Black2PLY SRC2MIL
SCF021515%99%50% Dark Black2PLY SRC2MIL
SCF022525%99%50% Black2PLY SRC2MIL
SCF023535%99%50% L Black2PLY SRC2MIL
SCF025050%99%50%L GRAY2PLY SRC2MIL
SCF2M8050%99%50%Clear2PLY SRC2MIL
SCF04055%80%15%Super Dark Black2PLY SRC4MIL
SCF041515%80%15% Dark Black2PLY SRC4MIL
SCF043535%80%15% L Black2PLY SRC4MIL
SCF4M8050%99%50%Clear2PLY SRC2MIL
SCF080080%  Clear2PLY SRC8MIL
SCF2M8080%99%50%Clear2PLY SRC8MIL
SCF120080%99%50%N/A2PLY SRC12MIL
SCF2M8080%99%50%Clear2PLY SRC8MIL
SCF140080%  N/A2PLY SRC14MIL

Performance Notes:

  • Performance results are calculated using Linshang Window Film Measuring Instruments, and are subject to variations within industry standards and only intended for estimating purposes. This data is provided for informational purposes only and are subject to normal manufacturing variances.

  • Performance results based on film applied to W (6mm) dear glass and a representative automotive glass with a base visible light transmission of 75%. Due to variations in glass performance. these values should not be used to comply with local tinting laws.


  • [1] VLT stands for Visible Light Transmission, -the percentage of visible light that passes through a window film or tint. It is to indicate how much light is allowed to pass through the film and into the interior of a vehicle or building. A higher VLT percentage means more light is transmitted, resulting in brighter interiors, while a lower VLT percentage means less light is transmitted, resulting in darker interiors.

  • [2] INFRARED ENERGY REJECTION (IRER) The percent of infrared energy (780 nm to 2500 nm) that is directly reflected and absorbed and radiated outwards. The higher the number, the more infrared energy reflected and absorbed and released outwards. IRER is the endorsed calculation method of IWFA.


NEXseries offers state of the art performance with graphine

UV Protection

Full UV protection for human or indoor property

No Fading

Protect furniture, drapes, artwork and flooring


Reduce glare and eye strain


Add privacy to your business or home

Custom look

Enhance the look from inside and out

Improve Safety

Keep shattered glass together

Save Energy

A cooler environment helps to and out save electricity bills

2Mil-14MilSafety& Security Film

Transparent Safety and Securty Films comes in different thickness. They are availiable in 2mil.4 mil, 8mil, 12mil and 14mil.Transparent Safety and Security film has extremely tear-resistance, clear vision and UV protec-tion.A perfect solution to improve security to shops, business where dispalys can be seen clearly.

  • Keep The Clear Vision-Not change appearance of shop or building with up to 80%-85% visible light transmission.
  • Toughness-this series of transparent films are extremely tear resistant, the multi-layer film con-structions improves senses of safety.
  • Prevent possible break-in, burglary, or even saves life in emergency.
  • Holds shattered glass in one piece, protect human or property from secondary damage.

4 Mil Nano Ceramic



Nano-Safety is 4 Mil Nano ceramic window films applying the latest Nano

technology, combining excellent heat rejection, full uV protec-tion, in addition

to security enhancement. Na-no-Safety series protect your vehicle, facility, or

business on a budget. This film mitigates hazards from shattered glass, adds

protection against vandals and unwanted intruders and protects people and


  • 4 mil polyester films offer protection.
  • Extra tough bonding adhesive.
  • Up to 95% heat rejection.
  • Full UV protection.
  • Available in 5%,20%,35%,50%
  • Applicable for automobile and flat glass

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