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KSB Residential and Commercial Window Tint Film

Residential window Film, also known as home window film or residential window tint, is a thin, adhesive-backed film applied to the interior surface of windows in residential buildings such as houses, apartments, and condominiums. This specialized film serves several purposes and offers various benefits for homeowners, including:

  • Heat Rejection
  • Glare Reduction
  • UV Protection
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Decorative Enhancement

      *Measures with Solar Spectrum Transmission Meter

      Performance Notes:

      • Residential window film offers a cost-effective and versatile solution for improving energy efficiency, comfort, privacy, and security in homes while enhancing their aesthetic appeal. With a wide range of options available, homeowners can choose the right window film to meet their specific needs and requirements.


      SeriesCharacteristicModelVLTUVIRThicknessRoll Size
      Commerical Film Dichroic BlueFSY0140.00%23.20%11.30%2mil1.38*30M 
      Commerical Film Dichroic REDFSY0220.00%13.50%11.50%2mil1.38*30M 
      Commerical Film Green SilverFSY1115.30%79.60%81.50%2mil1.52*30m                  
      Commerical Film Gold SilverFSY1220.80%83.10%82.40%2mil1.52*30m                  
      Commerical Film Copper SilverFSY1318.40%79.00%79.60%2mil1.52*30m                  
      Commerical Film Dark Blue SilverFSY1413.10%99.40%82.00%2mil1.52*30m                  
      Commerical Film Light Blue SilverFSY1517.30%80.10%83.70%2mil1.52*30m                  
      Commerical Film Silver 5%FSY165.80%89.30%95.40%2mil1.52*30m                  
      Commerical Film Silver 15%FSY1714.50%76.30%89.50%2mil1.52*30m                  
      Commerical Film Silver 35%FSY1836.80%51.50%74.50%2mil1.52*30m                  
      Commerical Film Silver 50%FSY1953.10%40.10%58.90%2mil1.52*30m                  
      Commerical Film Purple SilverFSY206.30%80.00%80.00%2mil1.52*30m                  
      Commerical Film Red SilverFSY218.00%80.00%70.00%2mil1.52*30m                  
      Commerical Film Black Silver 5%FSY223.00%98.20%65.50%2mil1.52*30m                  
      Commerical Film Black Silver 12%FSY2313.00%83.00%58.00%2mil1.52*30m                  
      Commerical Film Black Silver 25%FSY2423.00%75.40%58.70%2mil1.52*30m                  
      Commerical Film Frosted 8%FSY258.00%99.50%96.90%2mil1.52*30m                  
      Commerical Film Frosted 12%FSY2612.00%98.30%89.30%2mil1.52*30m                  
      Commerical Film Frosted FSY2710.00%98.00%89.00%2mil1.52*50m                  
      Commerical Film Black Frosted PET-BASEDFSY2810.00%98.00%89.00%2mil1.52*30m                  
      Commerical Film White OutFSY290.40%100.00%96.10%2mil1.52*30m                  
      Commerical Film Black OutFSY300.00%99.80%95.00%2mil1.52*30m                  
      Commerical Film Transparent yellowFSY3180.00%82.70%13.30%2mil1.52*30m                  
      Commerical Film Green BlueFSY3229.90%98.80%27.30%2mil1.52*30m                  
      Commerical Film Sky BlueFSY3355.50%84.70%10.90%2mil1.52*30m                  
      Commerical Film Sunset OrangeFSY3424.70%93.40%9.50%2mil1.52*30m                  
      Commerical Film Cherry PinkFSY3539.90%57.40%13.10%2mil1.52*30m                  
      Commerical Film Coffee BrownFSY3619.40%90.30%11.30%2mil1.52*30m                  
      Commerical Film Maple RedFSY372.60%99.00%10.50%2mil1.52*30m                  
      Commerical Film Thin stripeFSY3837.40%35.00%29.80%2mil1.52*30m                  
      Commerical Film Rough stripeFSY3915.00%99.00%40.10%2mil1.52*30m                  
      Commerical Film Ball shapeFSY4085.90%19.80%9.70%2mil1.52*30m                  
      Commerical Film Maple leafFSY4187.00%22.10%13.00%2mil1.52*30m                  
      Commerical Film Wavy shapeFSY4285.20%22.80%24.40%2mil1.52*30m                  


      NEXseries offers state of the art performance with graphine

      UV Protection

      Full UV protection for human or indoor property

      No Fading

      Protect furniture, drapes, artwork and flooring


      Reduce glare and eye strain


      Add privacy to your business or home

      Custom look

      Enhance the look from inside and out

      Improve Safety

      Keep shattered glass together

      Save Energy

      A cooler environment helps to and out save electricity bills

      Performance Notes:

      • Performance results are calculated using Linshang Window Film Measuring Instruments, and are subject to variations within industry standards and only intended for estimating purposes. This data is provided for informational purposes only and are subject to normal manufacturing variances.

      • Performance results based on film applied to W (6mm) dear glass and a representative automotive glass with a base visible light transmission of 75%. Due to variations in glass performance. these values should not be used to comply with local tinting laws.


      • [1] VLT stands for Visible Light Transmission, -the percentage of visible light that passes through a window film or tint. It is to indicate how much light is allowed to pass through the film and into the interior of a vehicle or building. A higher VLT percentage means more light is transmitted, resulting in brighter interiors, while a lower VLT percentage means less light is transmitted, resulting in darker interiors.

      • [2] INFRARED ENERGY REJECTION (IRER) The percent of infrared energy (780 nm to 2500 nm) that is directly reflected and absorbed and radiated outwards. The higher the number, the more infrared energy reflected and absorbed and released outwards. IRER is the endorsed calculation method of IWFA.

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