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Automobile, Residential, Commercial, Security and Paint Protection Film Product

China Leading high quality nano ceramic window film manufacturer,wide range of film

product offerings, competitive price and unique IR-Blocking technology

Nano Ceramic Window Film

High clarity, No haze ceramic film with up to 95%+ infrared rays block, designed with fine-processed nano particles from Tinx and Tungstun

EPU-based Exterior Windshield Protection Film

Self-healing Elastomeric Polyurethane exterior windshield protection film to keep your drive safer from road debris or chips

Double Nano Injected Topcoat TPU PPF

Embedded Nano topcoat PPF to maximize the gloss of your dive over time. 24-7 protection from stains, chips, minor scratches.


We’re the leading window tint manufacturer with the capability to provide customers worldwide with quality and price competitive products.

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Window Tint Factory

All window tints are manufactured, inspected, quality controlled under our own roof, not out-sourced from various channels. Backed by our top Research and development team and our dedicated employees, we are confident of providing wholesale tint for windows up to your requirement.


High Quality Tint Films

Quality is what makes us stand out and it is the motto that we always keep in mind. We not only provide the best window tint films with top quality but also provide a solution for our customers and we expect that based on quality products we can build a lifelong partnership.


Innovative Technology

With more than 30 personnel as our research team, we always want to lead, not to follow in this window tint film industry. We are always striving to produce window tints with better physicals and function features such as a higher IR rejection rate, high clarity high visible light transmission.


Competitive Price

To win on quality is one hand and to have a competitive price, on the other hand, is equally important. Helping our customers and dealers win out is our pursuit. We truly put ourselves in the shoes of our customers and think about what they think about or are concerned about.

Bring Your Window Tinting Business to a New Level

Window Tinting Business is tough, Let us do the hard work and we ensure a higher level of service, product quality, and value


Premium Window Film OEM Brand supplier


Professional window film sales and service team

Quality Product

High quality Window film product manufacturer

Customer Success

You win- is what we strive for

OEM Window Film Manufacturer

Leading manufacturer of Automotives, Architectural, Marine, Safety & Security and Paint Protection applications.

Unique Nano Ceramic Material

Unique Nano Ceramic Material

Nano is a unit of scale between macro and micro. When a material reaches the nanometer scale, light, electricity, magnetism, force, etc. will appear special properties completely Different with the original material. Nano Particles like Tinx or Tungsten Oxide are fine-processed to Nano Scale Diameter and dispersed to base film with precision to enable the film with features like high heat rejections, high clarity, no haze and long durability.

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Leading Window Film Research and development

KSB window film R&D is capable of developing window film product to customer requirements, special application scenarios and market direction with dedication and fast response. With a team formed of industry top talents, all customer needs on window film product such as color, thickness, durability, are carefully analyzed, in order to develop prototypes final film product.

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Window Film Industry lead production facility

KSB window film production houses the world-leading film lamination, nano coating, curing facilities with in scientifically engineered dust-free workshop with fixed humidity & temperature. All Nano Ceramic Film are engineered and produced to the highest industry standard that are high clarity, high heat rejection, and with strong adhesives to ensure the film will withstand the harshest challenging environments.

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Complete product range

The main production from KSB window manufacturing are automotive window films, such as Nano Ceramic window films, Nano carbon Films, Carbon Films, High Performance Film, dyed films, commercial &residential window films, security & safety window films, paint protection films, exterior windshield protection films. KSB window films welcome film brands, tint shops, window film distributors to OEM or OEM films.



KSB window film Material Co., LTD offers high quality, haze-free, and life time warranty nano ceramic films, pure ceramic films, nano carbon films, high performance carbon films, dyed film, paint protection films and film tools at competitive prices.

Haze or low angel haze is caused by the unevenly dispersed nano particles on the base film, the improper treatment of UV blocker in glue not on the scratch-resistant top-coat. Also, B-grade PET base film and glue cause the film to look foggy and appear in a haze look. KSB films come in high clarity with unique nano particle fine-processing techniques to ensure the window films are clear with no haze.

Yes. KSB window film as a China window film manufacturer, welcome customer window film OEM/ODM projects. Private labeled window film or OEM brand window films are one of our strength and core competitive edge for our window tint clients.

KSB window film Material Co., LTD owns unique nano ceramic material fine-processing techniques to grind nano particles less then 15 NM in diameter and disperse nano particles to the base film to ensure the light transmissions and reflection of the window film is clear and haze free. All PET base films are ultra clear that does not distort vision and the strong glue prevent any potential bubbling or delamination. All Nano ceramic films comes with lifetime warranty against film bubble, delamination, peeling off or unevenly fade in color.

Yes, we always welcome OEM film projects. With a full in-house R&D team, KSB window film is capable of manufacturing window film product according to customer requirement such as VLT, Color, thickness, heat rejection, etc.

For small orders and samples, we accept PayPal and for bulk orders we accept bank T/T.

Unlike, dyed film or carbon film, Nano ceramic film apply the inorganic nano ceramic material as pigment, they will not oxide or fade in color for years.

By air normally 7-10 working days via International Express Delivery. By sea, for bulk window film orders, 25-35 days producing time after receiving your deposit.

For orders less than 100 rolls, we can manage to ship out in 2-3 days, Order less than 50 rolls-1-2 days. We keep stocks as master rolls and we can cut to customized size and ship out asap.

KYes, of course, We are willing to send you free samples for testing. Large size sample will cost some minimum shipping charges which can be refunded up on the first bulk order.

For auto window tint films, the regular width sizes are 60-inch, 40-inch, 36-inch, 24 inch and 20 inch, but we can cut any size as customer require.

Our window tint films are easy to shrink and once heated, the film will shrink from all directions, vertically and horizontally, which speeds up the working efficiency and maximize the tint workshop output. We carry ceramic films of different thickness so tint master and installs can have different option to choose from.



Did with several cars with your ceramic films and it worked great! Shrinking is the same as those big brands!

Kyle Window tint Instructor

SF is great! We like the color and cleanness of it, we surely use more of this film.

Mohemmad Window tint Instructor

I have done some jobs and film is work really good, it shrunk good, no complaints.

Suhaib Tint shops from KS

Color is brilliant, and I refer to IRX and it's a winner, the colir very much approximates the current OEM glass, as well as not irritate car newsers wishing neither greem, blue or brown films, a good balance.

Paul Window tint Instructor

People actually like your film, it's easy to work with, and let's see how long it holds the color. there is a great market for it

Sam Window Tint Shop from Thailand

I like the nano ceramic the best, the color and performance and I will be putting a order very soon.

Ed Tint shop owner