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HP Carbon film- the best choice for Auto dealer Fleet jobs?

Why more and more auto dealers start offering tinting service?

Automobile dealer want their newly-sold vehicles have to be tinted, either by contracting pro window tinters or in-house installer themselves. More and more auto dealers are trying to offer window films as a service package to improve Customer Satisfaction as additional value-added service to their customers. Many car buyers appreciate the convenience of having tinting done at the dealership before taking delivery of their vehicle.


Providing tinting services, sometimes as free gift can give auto dealers a competitive edge over other dealerships in the area. It allows them to differentiate themselves and attract customers who are looking for comprehensive vehicle customization options.


Tinting services can serve as an additional revenue stream for auto dealerships. By charging for tinting services, dealerships can generate extra income on top of vehicle sales. It is a great opportunity to cross sell to clients. Auto dealer can offer an entry level or medium level high performance carbon film as a complimentary service, but they can also offer end users with nano ceramic films for upselling opportunities. Some Tesla delivery centers have sales person for window films promoting to new owners with window film packages. The new vehicle can be tinted in the delivery center which saves time and hassle for new car owners.

attractive to potential buyers and help dealerships move inventory more quickly.


As the vehicle sales business gets more competitive by the day, offering tinting services can be a strategic decision for auto dealerships, helping them improve customer satisfaction, gain a competitive advantage, increase revenue, enhance vehicle appearance, protect vehicles, and retain customers.


Which film is the best for fleet jobs?

KSB High Performance Carbon Window Tint Film 72% IR High clarity No Haze

When it comes to fleet vehicles, finding the right window film is crucial. Not only does it bring extra income for auto dealers, but it also provides functional benefits like heat rejection and UV protection for car owners.  So, a great film that is easy to shrink, rejects large amount heat, full UV block, easy to shrink, and zero after sales issues will help the fleet tinting jobs! These are the reasons why HP carbon film stands out as an excellent choice for fleet jobs. we’ll explore why HP carbon film is the preferred option for fleet vehicles.


  • High Quality: HP carbon film is known for its exceptional quality. Manufactured using advanced technology and high-quality materials, it offers durability and long-lasting performance, even in harsh driving conditions. KSB HP films rejects up to 72% of the Infrared Ray and 99% of the UV. It offers excellent heat rejection, keeping the vehicle’s interior cool and comfortable for drivers and passengers. This data is close or surpass the basic level ceramic films.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: One of the key advantages of HP carbon film is its affordability. Despite its superior quality and functional benefits, HP carbon film is available at a competitive price point, making it a cost-effective solution for fleet jobs. Fleet managers can enjoy the benefits of high-quality window film without exceeding their budget. In some cases, Auto dealer tend to give their window films for free. So budget is something to consider.
  • OEM Brand-Auto dealers usually do not want to use a generic brand as their window film offerings. KSB films can assist with private label films development so auto dealers can bring about the unique product identity to their customers. Find out more in window film private label development.  How to make private-label/OEM film packages for tint business?
  • Professional Appearance: Finally, HP carbon film gives fleet vehicles a professional and polished appearance. Whether used for branding purposes or simply to enhance the vehicle’s aesthetics, HP carbon film adds a touch of sophistication to any fleet. HP Carbon film has a variety of shades like 3%, 5%,15%,25%,35%,50% and 70%.


Choosing window film for fleet vehicles, HP carbon film emerges as the top choice. With its superior quality, functional benefits, affordability, and professional appearance, it offers everything fleet managers need to protect and enhance their product offerings. Consider investing in HP carbon film for your fleet jobs and experience the difference it can make. KSB films will help to create a custom window film brand for your dealership. Our experienced team can work with you to develop OEM-branded window films that reflect your dealership’s brand identity and values. Stand out from the competition with exclusive window film offerings tailored to your dealership.