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How to make private-label/OEM film packages for tint business?

Are you thinking about buying window films from a China tint supplier in your own brand? If you are running window tint shops and consuming a large amount of window films, it might save some cost if you buy window films directly from a window tint manufacturer. And this might also help you to distribute your window film brand to local tint or detailing shops. Rebranding window tint for your tinting business can be a strategic way to differentiate yourself from competitors, attract new customers, and refresh your brand image.

Do you know how it works to build your own window film brand? There are some key steps and let’s find out more.

Steps to build your window film brand


  1. Make a window film OEM Plan

With years of experience in the window tinting industry, you probably worked with many brands and you think it comes the time for you to make a window film brand of your own and use this film in your tint shops and sell to other nearby tinting networks. Congratulations! Let’s make it happen. Select a unique and memorable brand name and design a distinctive logo that reflects your brand identity. Your brand name and logo should resonate with your target audience and differentiate your window tint products from competitors.


  1. A good window film manufacturer supplier

KSB Window Film Materials has been manufacturing ceramic window film, commercial window tint and paint protection films for years. Its products are highly accepted by the tinting masters all over the world. The main service of KSB films is window film production, window film wholesales, and window film re-branding. KSB window film offers great window film product and competitive prices. The MOQ for OEM films is very flexible and each customer needs are carefully and patiently attended to. If you have this window film brand develop project, make sure you talk to KSB films.


  1. How much does it cost to make OEM boxes?

Average window film roll package cost varies to the size- Most regular sizes of window film rolls are 20,24,36, 40 and 60 inches. The cost from 2-3 dollars each, but it also depends on the quality of the material and the printing technics. MOQ for OEM window tint boxes are about 500 units of each size of the box. You may ask that- what if my order can not be that large but I still want to make a window film box of my own? Yes, we can still do it- Make 500 pcs of window film package boxes at one time and we can save them for future orders. Whenever you have an order, you can send it to us and we will pack the window film rolls with your packs and ship to you. Simple and easy way to fulfil this order.

  1. Make a window film package design

You will need to design a full color package with your logo, patterns you like and so on. One design will be good for different size packages. For example, if you want a 40 inch and 20-inch box, design a 40-inch box graphics will be enough, unless the 20-inch box is different from the 40-inch box. Either customer or KSB designs a package with Adobe illustrator or CorelDraw file. When the design files are completed and ready to print- We accept AI/CDR/PDF as design files.


  1. Sampling

If you want to see the window film package box looks and to confirm quality, printing, fonts and so on, we can make a prototype of the package and there will be some minimum cost for sampling. But this is a void any typo, mis-formed graphics, patterns or color match. Just to make sure everything is going to the plan.


  1. Bulk production.

With all the above process completed, we can now proceed to the bulk production of the package. Usually for 500 pcs boxes, it takes about 15-21 days depends on the season.


  1. Promote your window film brand

Gather feedback from customers and monitor the performance of your rebranded window tint products. Use this feedback to make improvements and iterate on your branding strategy to better meet the needs of your target audience. For our repeat window tint customers, we can store these OEM window film boxes and save for future orders. You can be flexible at each time of your order and there will minimum pressure on your cash flow. You can either order 1 or 2 roll, or order like 100 rolls. Easy and simple.

KSB window film materials can help you with package design, sampling, bulk production of a private window film package. If you have a plan to make your own window film brand, welcome to talk to us for more details.