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What is your best window film?

What is your best window film?

1.  There isn’t a single film can win every tint master!

As a window film manufacturer and wholesaler in China, we are often asked by the window film installer -what is your best window film? Great question! What do you mean by the best? Do you mean the most expensive nano ceramic films with the highest heat rejection and clarity? the best color?

KSB SF Nano Ceramic Window Tint Film

Each tint master thinks differently of a great film, considering that all window film installers have different habits, use different window film tools, and they have different expectations from each film. Some tint masters value performance such as heat and UV rejection. Some installer put the shrink performance before the heat cut. Honestly speaking, we think in window film industry, there is not a single type of window film that is agreed by every installer- it is the best film. There is not a single type of film that can win everybody.


KSB window films produce some of the highest heat rejection films with are up to 99% with lifetime warranty, and full UV block. Is this the best film? As we know, the high heat rejection ceramic window films. They need to be densely packed with the nano material particles to  achieve the heat rejection property, which will naturally make the film more resistant to heatrequiring a bit extra time and patience in the shrinking process. This type of nano ceramic film does a great job providing maximum driving comfort for car owners. But it might be a pain in the neck for installer who expect maximum install efficiency- easy shrink.


Also, we have carbon film that is without any haze, but it comes with low heat rejection. It offers the clearest view, but it doesn’t help with the heat rejection as much as the nano ceramic films. Is this the best film? For fleet installer, it is a surely a much better choice than the premium nano ceramic films.


2.  The Jobs to be done are different

For window film Installers or tint shop owners they would want a film that looks good, Easy to install, blocks the maximum amount of heat, no after sales problems. So, they can build their reputation and maintain an ongoing business. The job-to-be-done for tint film installer is to have a successful business by combining their expertise of tinting skills and a high-quality window film product. Tint shops should be able to serve different groups of clients. So, they will need to offer a good-fit product for the car owners. Nano ceramic film is surely at the top of the line, followed by nano caron and high-performance window films. Dyed film and glue film is at the entry level.


Instead of trying to find one single type of window films, it is important to look for the best film in its class. For example, the best nano ceramic film, the best carbon film, etc. Because different films are intended to serve different purpose. Dyed film or carbon film may not reject as much heat as the nano ceramic film, but if they do the job and brings business and happy customer to your tint shop on an ongoing basis, then it is a best film for that purpose. 


For end users or car ownersthey expect a film that blocks a maximum amount of heatdurable a clear vision for driving comfort. Some budget customer may just want something dark on their windows for privacy. One thing they don’t care about as much is the install efficiency. This is not their concern. And they don’t know how much time it would take to install the films. And how difficult it is to install the film- they want their drive to be tinted asap and within their budget and preferences.

KSB High Performance hybrid Window Tint Film

As a window film manufacturer and supplier. There is not D best film but only the right film for the right job. Each window film shop should be able to cater to different customer requirements with different budgets and expectations Each window film serves a different segment want to meet customers expectation. For example, the deep dye film, even though the lifespan the performance is very basic. But it’s still one of the bestselling film in many countriesbecause the car owners or users may have a very tight budget. But, if you have a customer looking for a film that is fancy or unique, then you can recommend the premium nano ceramic window films. This is a chance to upsell.


If you end users or target customers are just regular drivers for the regular cars. And who wants to have a good balance of heat rejection and performance. You can offer them basic ceramic film like the IR series, which is a great film with 82% heat rejection and combines the performance and longevity. It is easy to work with, so tint masters can maximize efficiency. This is a good film to use without any of the sales problems.



The best window film for tint shop depends on several factors, -the shop’s target market, customer preferences, budget, and specific needs. Here are a few considerations when choosing the best window film for a tint shop:


  • Quality: Look for high-quality window films from reputable brands known for their durability, performance, and longevity. Choose films that offer reliable UV protection, heat rejection, and glare reduction. KSB window films is a professional tint film manufacturer for window film OEM, private brand window film development, and so on.


  • Variety: Select a window film supplier that offers a wide range of options to cater to different customer preferences and needs. This includes various tint shades, performance levels, and film types (e.g., dyed, metalized, ceramic, Nano ceramic, paint protection films).


  • Ease of Installation(shrink): Choose window films that are easy to work with and install, as this can help streamline the tinting process and improve efficiency in the shop. KSB window films apply the latest four-direction contraction technology to maximize the install efficiency for each tint shops.


  • Warranty: Consider window films that come with a manufacturer’s warranty to provide assurance to customers and protect against defects or issues that may arise after installation. All KSB Nano ceramic and ceramic films comes with lifetime warranty and its films come with a market proven record without aftersales worries.


KSB window films offers excellent customer support, including training, technical assistance, and marketing materials to help promote and sell the films effectively films encourage tint shops to research and test different KSB film products to find the best fit for your tint shop’s specific requirements and clientele. Additionally, the pricing, availability and flexibility will sure bring more success to your window film business.