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Exterior windshield protection film- a must have for tint shop

What is KSB windshield protection films?

Exterior windshield protection film has been a fan-favorite since the last couple of years in the window film industry. Exterior windshield protection film is a thin film, usually 7-7.5 mil in thickness, made of Polymer compounds. The durable, transparent film is applied to the outside of a vehicle’s windshield providing a protective layer that helps to prevent damage from road debris, rocks, and harsh weather conditions. It also offers UV protection, reducing the risk of interior fading and deterioration. By enhancing the durability and strength of the windshield, this film minimizes the need for costly repairs and replacements, making it a valuable addition for vehicle owners and a lucrative service for tint shops to offer.

Why should vehicles install windshield protection film?

In general, vehicles windshield is prone to be chipped or cracked by flying objects on road. The cost to replace a luxury vehicle’s windshield if it is cracked or chipped can vary significantly based on several factors, including the make and model of the vehicle, the type of glass used, and the location where the replacement is performed. On average, the cost can range from $500 to $1,500 or more. Since it involves a lot of labor work and may be a long wait before the right-fit windshield becomes available.


Installing windshield protection film offers numerous benefits that enhance the safety, durability, and overall value of your vehicle.


  1. Enhanced Protection Against Damage:

 Prevent Cracks and Chips: Windshield protection film acts as a barrier, preventing small rocks, debris, and other road hazards from causing cracks or chips.

  1. Minimize Repair Costs:

By preventing minor damage, you reduce the likelihood of needing costly repairs or replacements.

  1. Safety Improvement:

Maintain Structural Integrity: A cracked windshield can compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle. Protection film helps maintain the strength of the glass, ensuring better protection for passengers in the event of an accident.

  1. Prevent Shattering:

In case of impact, the film helps hold the glass together, preventing it from shattering into sharp pieces.

  1. Cost-Effective Investment:

Save on Replacement Costs: Windshield replacements, especially for luxury vehicles, can be expensive. Protection film is a cost-effective way to extend the life of your windshield.

  1. UV and Heat Protection:

Block UV Rays: Many windshield protection films can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays, protecting you and your passengers from potential skin damage.

  1. Enhanced Durability and Longevity:

Weather Resistance: Windshield protection films can protect against harsh weather conditions, including extreme heat, cold, and UV exposure, extending the lifespan of your windshield.

  1. Scratch Resistance:

High-quality films offer a scratch-resistant surface, keeping your windshield looking new and clear.

  1. Easy Maintenance: Protection films make it easier to clean and maintain your windshield, preventing buildup of dirt and grime.
  2. Keep the Down-time to almost Zero

According to clients who installed the windshield protection film to the farm machines, this film has greatly improved their efficiency and reduced their down-time. They said before they came to know the windshield protection film, they would need to change the glass farm machines every 2-3 months. Now this this film, functioning as a self-sacrificial film, which absorb the hit of the small stones or the debris. This is a one the smart investment they ever make to keep their machines running to the maximum efficiency.


Is Windshield film permanent?

Windshield protection film is not permanent, its mission is to take the hard hit when something hit the windshield, once the objects hit the windshield, it will leave marks on the film, but not on the glass, of course this also depends on the size of the debris, they film can only stand minor stone chips or debris, and this film does not guarantee the integrity of the windshield in all circumstances.  

It is suggested to remove the Windshield protection film once is takes on the hit or affect the clarity of driving vision. It can be taken off without causing damage to the windshield.


The longevity and Durability of windshield film depends on the use of frequency of the vehicle and also the driving environment: The exact lifespan depends on the film’s quality, the driving conditions, and how well it is maintained, the manufacturer warranty for this film is usually 12 months.  Over time, the film may show signs of wear and tear, such as scratches, discoloration, or reduced effectiveness. At this point, it can be removed and replaced with a new film to ensure continued protection.

Regular maintenance and proper care can extend the life of the windshield protection film. This includes cleaning it with appropriate lubricant products and avoiding harsh chemicals that could damage the film.

windshield protection film is a long-lasting but non-permanent solution designed to protect the windshield from damage while allowing for easy removal and replacement when necessary.


Why tint shops need to carry the windshield protection film in their production offerings

Tint shops always need to upgrade and diversify their product offerings to meet different clients needs and trends. The windshield protection film is a great fit for window tint shop to upsell or cross sell to their existing client base. With the increasing awareness of the high cost of windshield replacement and the benefits of protection films, more customers are seeking these solutions. Tint shops can meet this growing demand and attract more customers by offering this product.

Windshield protection film can help enhance Customer Service: Offering windshield protection film allows tint shops to provide a more comprehensive range of services. Customers appreciate having a one-stop-shop for their vehicle protection needs, which includes both window tinting and windshield protection.

Increased Revenue: Windshield protection film is an additional product that can be sold to customers, thus increasing the overall revenue of the tint shop. It presents an upsell opportunity to existing customers who are already interested in protecting their vehicle’s glass.

With windshield protection film, tint shops can differentiate themselves from competitors. It demonstrates a commitment to using advanced technology and providing the best possible protection for customers’ vehicles.

By integrating windshield protection film into their product lineup, tint shops can enhance their service offerings, attract more customers, and boost their overall profitability while providing a valuable and in-demand service.

All in all, windshield protection film is a smart investment for any vehicle owner. It provides significant safety benefits, protects against damage, reduces repair costs, and enhances the overall driving experience. Whether you drive a luxury vehicle or a daily commuter, installing windshield protection film is a proactive step to safeguard your investment. It is also beneficial for tint shops to carry the windshield protection film to diversify their product offering and get a new revenue generator for their business.


If you are looking for exterior windshield film for your business or vehicle, make sure you talk to KSB Films. With a reputation for high-quality products and innovative technology, KSB Films offers superior windshield protection solutions that safeguard against road debris, chips, and cracks. Our films are designed to provide maximum clarity and durability, ensuring that your windshield remains in pristine condition. Trust KSB Films to deliver the best in windshield protection, and give your customers the peace of mind they deserve. Contact us today to learn more about our product offerings and how we can support your business needs.