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Top Grade TPU Material Paint Protection Film with Integrated Coating 

Crafted from premium-grade materials, our paint protection film provides an invisible shield against scratches, chips, and other damage caused by road debris, rocks, insects, and environmental elements.

Designed to seamlessly adhere to the contours of your vehicle’s surfaces, our film offers complete coverage and unparalleled protection without compromising aesthetics.

With its self-healing properties, our paint protection film automatically repairs minor scratches and swirl marks, keeping your vehicle looking new for years to come.

Say goodbye to worries about paint damage and hello to long-lasting protection with our Paint Protection Film. Preserve the beauty and value of your vehicle with confidence.


SpecificationPPF-D75PPF-D80PPF-D85TPU-TOP65 EliteTPU-TOP75 PlusTPU-TOP85 CrownTPU-TOP95 ArmourTPU- Matt 80TPU-Black Glossy
Substrate /MasterbatchBASFBASFBASFLubrizolLubrizolLubrizolLubrizolLubrizolLubrizol
Glue PropertiesHankelHankelHankelAshlandAshlandAshlandAshlandAshlandAshland
Substrate Elongation260%310%300%230%260%300%320%320%320%
Coating break Elongation120%130%130%108%120%120%145%145%145%
Stain resistanceexcellentexcellentexcellentgoodexcellentexcellentexcellentexcellentexcellent
Acid and alkali resistanceNot affected
Yellowing grade△E≤3△E≤3△E≤3△E≤3△E≤2△E≤2△E≤2△E≤2△E≤2
Thickness7.5 mil8 mil8.5 mil6.5mil7.5 mil8.5mil9.5mil8 mil7.5 mil
Healingheat self healingheat self healingheat self healingheat self healingheat self healingheat self healingheat self healingheat self healingheat self healing
High Gloss

Best in Industry Double Nano injec-ted Topcoat for prolongedextra gl-ossy look and hydrophobic features.

24/7 Protection

Act as an armour for your drive 24/7protectitfrom unwanted scratches,impacts in all drivingconditions.


Premium TPU base material withseal-healing function to mitigae scratches.

Super clarity

Ultra clear TPU base film to enhancethevehicle's orgina paint and keep italwayslooklike new.

Excellent Stain Resistance

Made with Tough and Durabll BaseFilm to repel stains,dust or salt. Easyto clean and maintain.

Durable and Reliable

No turing yellow in service time,no peeling off due to the potent adhesive.8-10year manufacture warranty.

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