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KSB Sunset Red, Blue Purple chameleon Window Tint Film high IR with Lifetime warranty No Haze Warranty No Haze

KSB Sunset red chameleon window film is a type of automotive window tint that features a unique color-changing effect, similar to the vibrant hues seen during a sunset. This specialized window film is designed to transition between different colors depending on the angle of view, lighting conditions, and the angle of the sun.

Product Features:

  • Nano ceramic rejects up to 50% of infrared rays
  • Full UV Block
  • No Signal interference with mobile phone
  • Helps keep shattered glass together for increased safety
  • Available in Red, blue, purple.
  • 5 Years Manufacturer Warranty

*Measures with Solar Spectrum Transmission Meter

KSB Chamenleon Film Series:

  • The “chameleon” effect is achieved through the use of advanced technology and specialized materials in the window film’s construction. These films typically incorporate multiple layers of specialized dyes, pigments, and metallic particles that interact with light to produce a dynamic color shift effect.

  • Sunset chameleon window film not only provides visual interest and aesthetic appeal to vehicles but also offers practical benefits such as heat rejection, glare reduction, and UV protection. By blocking a portion of the sun’s infrared and ultraviolet (UV) rays, these window films help keep the vehicle’s interior cooler, protect occupants from harmful UV radiation, and reduce glare for improved visibility and comfort.

  • In addition to automotive applications, sunset chameleon window film may also be used in residential and commercial settings to enhance the appearance of windows and provide similar benefits such as privacy, energy efficiency, and UV protection.

  • Sunset chameleon window film offers a unique combination of style, functionality, and performance, making it a popular choice among car enthusiasts and those looking to customize their vehicles with a distinctive and eye-catching appearance.


CharacteristicModelVLTUVIRTSERColorFilm LayerThicknessRoll Size
Chameleon Color Changing      Q8083%99%14%20%Chameleon M-PLY SRC2 ML40″ x 100′
Chameleon Color Changing      H8587%17%12%15%Chameleon M-PLY SRC2 ML40″ x 100′
Chameleon Color Changing      M8585%22%36%42%Chameleon M-PLY SRC2 ML40″ x 100′
Chameleon Color Changing      Z8585%23%31%43%Chameleon M-PLY SRC2 ML40″ x 100′
Chameleon Color Changing      S859082%31%92%52%Chameleon M-PLY SRC2 ML40″ x 100′

Performance Notes:

  • Performance results are calculated using Linshang Window Film Measuring Instruments, and are subject to variations within industry standards and only intended for estimating purposes. This data is provided for informational purposes only and are subject to normal manufacturing variances.

  • Performance results based on film applied to W (6mm) dear glass and a representative automotive glass with a base visible light transmission of 75%. Due to variations in glass performance. these values should not be used to comply with local tinting laws.


  • [1] VLT stands for Visible Light Transmission, -the percentage of visible light that passes through a window film or tint. It is to indicate how much light is allowed to pass through the film and into the interior of a vehicle or building. A higher VLT percentage means more light is transmitted, resulting in brighter interiors, while a lower VLT percentage means less light is transmitted, resulting in darker interiors.

  • [2] INFRARED ENERGY REJECTION (IRER) The percent of infrared energy (780 nm to 2500 nm) that is directly reflected and absorbed and radiated outwards. The higher the number, the more infrared energy reflected and absorbed and released outwards. IRER is the endorsed calculation method of IWFA.

reddish blue

charming red

sunset red

magic blue

royal purple

Jp 90 crystal

Premium Perfomace

KSB Nano ceramic window films combine high heat rejection performance, shrink and optimized color for pro tint masters.

Superior longevity

KSB window tint applies advanced Nano technology and high-quality window film material, such as PET base film, inorganic Tinx ceramics to maximize the quality to the most demanding requirements.

Heat Reduction

Fine Processed Nano Ceramic materials are evenly distributed to the window film with precision to enable KSB window tint with high heat rejection.

Installs cleanly

Base materials with 4 directional shrinking properties make it easier to shrink and improve the work efficiency our window film installers.

UV Protection

Scientifically engineered UV blocker is placed at the glue layer to protect the interior of vehicle and safeguard the lifespan the of window film.

Lifetime Warranty

All KSB Nano ceramic films are designed and manufactured to the high standard and can easily outlive the vehicles which they are designed to provide comfort and shade to.

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